Product Review · September 10, 2015 2

Secret Clear Gel

Thanks to BzzAgent I was given the opportunity to try out the Secret Clear Gel deodorant. I’m not normally a gel deodorant kind of person (I generally use an invisible solid).

The first thing I noticed about the product was that it smelled nice. But there were things that I didn’t like about the gel deodorant. I don’t like the way it feels when you put it on. It feels wet and I worry that it is going to get my shirt wet. I also found that it didn’t keep me dry throughout the day like my normal deodorant does. Also, when putting it on right after shaving, it would sting for a second.

But, like the package claims, it doesn’t leave any marks on your clothes. That is probably my favorite thing about the Secret Clear Gel. If I was to switch to a gel deodorant, this would be the reason. But, for now I am going to stick to my regular product.