Sims 4: Newcrest Population Alphabet Legacy Challenge

Created: Febryary 26, 2017
Last updated: March 5, 2017

This is my first Sims Challenge and it is heavily based off other challenges I’ve participated in with The Sims 3 and 4. It has not yet been tested fully and rules may be changed as I test it out. It is being played with one expansion pack (City Living).


Newcrest is a new community that is just getting started. It is a remote area that not many people yet know about. It is your job to populate and build the community.

Set Up

You may not use any cheats or mods unless otherwise stated. Make sure your settings are set to Autoage on all Sims and that Full Autonomy is on. You may only control the Chosen Sim. Your founding Sim will be the Chosen Sim until you choose a Heir (more on this later).

A Random Number Generator (RNG) will be used throughout the game. The one I use can be found at

Sim Creation
You will create a single founding Sim. Open the Sim Creator. Using the RNG, pick a number between 2 and 12. Randomize your Sim that number of times.

Use another random number for Aspiration (there were 11 Aspirations when this challenge was created, so choose a number between 1 and 11). You can pick any division of the chosen Aspiration that you want.

Use another random number for the three traits. I counted 39 traits so you will choose three numbers between 1 and 39.

Each Sim in your control will have a first name that starts with the letter than comes next in the Alphabet. Your founding Sims name will start with the letter A. Their first born’s first name will begin with the letter B, second born with letter C, etc.

To pick the first name, click on “randomize first name” until you get one the starts with the letter you need. If after one minute of continuous randomizing, feel free to choose one of your own.

You can choose any last name you like for your founding Sim. Males will pass on their last name while females will take their husband’s last name when they marry.

Starting Your Life

Move your Sim to any empty lot of your choice and build your home. Remember to keep it modest as you may not use money cheats to build your home. You can build and modify your home as much as you like throughout your generation, until your heir takes over and moves to their own home lot (more on this later).

Your Sim must get a job. Using the RNG choose the job that corresponds (there were 13 jobs when creating this challenge, so choose a number between 1 and 13).

Your Sim’s task must be to find and marry another Sim. While working on this you will try to complete the Aspiration for your chosen Sim. If your Sim is a female, change her last name to that of her husbands by using “Manage Household”.

Once you are married, your Sim will have exactly 3 children (unless a multiple birth gives you more when trying for your third. This is allowed.). If your chosen Sim is female, you may not have a child with anyone other than your spouse. Male Sims can have as many children as they like, but only those of their wife may live in their house. Only children living in your house will be eligible to take over as Heir.

If the parent you control dies before having three children, control will move to your spouse. If you already have three children, or if both parents die, you will automatically pick your Heir using the method below.

If you and your spouse share a trait, all children in your house must all be given this trait as well when you are given the option.

Choosing an Heir

Once your last born potential Heir becomes a Teenager, you will use the RNG to choose a number between 1 and 3 (or more if you had more than three children). This will be your new chosen Sim. You may no longer control your original Sim.

Once your Heir becomes a Young Adult (if they are not already), they must move out to a new lot on their own, beginning the next generation. Using a money cheat you will give your new Heir exactly half the amount of their previous family’s funds. They will use that amount of money to build a new home on any lot you choose.

How to Move Out Your Heir
Click on “Manage Worlds” –> Click on your current house –> “More” –> “Manage Household” –> “Transfer Sims between Households” –> “Create New Household” –> Move your Heir to the new household –> Close out of that window.

At the top right side of the screen click on “Household Management” –> Click on your Heir –> Move Household into a lot (keep track of how much the lot cost).

At the top right side of the screen click on “Household Management” –> Change your old household to unplayed.

How to Adjust the Family Funds
Take the amount your family ended with when you chose your new Heir. Divide the amount in half. Subtract the amount you paid for your new Heir’s lot.

ctrl-shift-c to open the cheat menu
type in:
testingcheats true
money 0 (or whatever amount your new family funds should be)

Your next generation will then follow the same rules of getting a job, finding a spouse, and starting a family.

You will continue with the alphabet when naming your new children. For example, if your mother’s last born’s name began with a letter D, your first child’s name will begin with an E.

Additional Information

You must have a Family Reunion every weekend. You should gather as many family members as you can by either throwing a party or inviting them to a lot. It does not matter what lot you gather on.

If a home becomes empty throughout the course of your game, you may convert it to a public lot as long as the structure stays intact. Example: The inside walls may all be torn down and/or changed as long as the outside stays the same. You cannot add an expansion to the house. You may not move any windows or doors on the outside structure. You cannot change the siding type on the building. You may build additional buildings on the lot as long as they are not connected to the original building. The original building may not be torn down.

Completing the Challenge

The challenge will be complete when you have both filled all the lots in Newcrest and you have completed the alphabet 2 times.