Driving / Life / Work · October 1, 2015 0

Moving Stores

I usually try not to talk about work on the blog. But when you spend most of your time there it doesn’t really leave much to talk about.

Over the last year or so the company has been trying to decide if we should keep the two stores in Edmonton open or consolidate them into one. A decision was finally made and we are moving into one location.

The decision was made this summer and the time to start packing is finally here. I’ve been throwing a lot of stuff out to get ready for the move. We’ve been packing stuff to send to the new location. I just cant wait until the move is finally done.

It will be nice to have everyone in one place. Maybe I can finally get everyone on a set schedule so we can have a little bit of a routine for once. I’d be silly to think I can achieve that before Christmas, but I’m going to try!

Moving stores means I’m going to have to go further to get to work now. Instead of a 5 minute drive, it’s going to be closer to a 25 minute drive. My manager who cutrently works out of the location we are moving to, says that parking is bad there. That’s something that scares me a little bit.

Parking is something I struggle with the most. He says no matter how straight he parks in the centre of the parking spot, people still hit his car with their doors. I’m hoping he’s just unlucky. So far I haven’t noticed any scratches on my new car and I would really like to keep it that way.