Home · May 8, 2014 2


I’ve been wanting to write a new blog post since I moved but I was waiting until everything was unpacked so I could include pictures. I like to have everything perfect before showing off my new place, and it still isn’t quite there. Everything is pretty much in it’s place except for the odds and ends that you really don’t feel like dealing with. I have a bunch of stuff in the living room that I want to donate or drop off at an eco station but I have to rely on my boyfriend to do that since I don’t drive. I’ve been asking him to take me there for over a year now… Now he has a deadline of before my parents arrive. He says we will go tomorrow.

I’m enjoying the new place. The first day we started unpacking was difficult because the place has four sets of stairs. We were moving things up and down the stairs all day. I could barely walk the next day haha. My legs have adjusted now though. There are a few things we still want to buy for the place, like a new lamp for the living room (why do rentals never have a light in the main living area?!). I’m also having difficulty deciding where I want to keep my plants. I had bought a plant stand that I was going to put on my deck at my old apartment. But with the new place, I don’t really have a deck. We have a yard instead. I think the stand would look out of place out there. Right now I have it in the window of my sliding doors but I don’t really want that to be a permanent home for it.

We also bought a couple new bikes which are standing in my living room which is not ideal. It’s easier to bring in and out which is why they are being kept there. I don’t want them outside because I don’t want them to rust or be stolen. But if we kept them in the basement, which was the original plan, it would be too much work bringing them up and down. I wish I had a shed or a garage.

Other than that, I don’t think too much is new with me. I am having a birthday next week but don’t have any plans yet. I’m going to try and start blogging more often but I keep saying that so I’m sure you’re sick me hearing it. I can’t wait for my vacation which I’m hoping will be here before I know it (3 more weeks!). Talk to you soon!