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Here We Go Again

My boyfriend went to his viewings on Thursday and liked what he saw. Later that day we found out that we got to the town house! Move in day is this Saturday, the 12th. So quick! But at the same time, it’s taking forever. I’ve had almost everything packed for days now. I just need a few more boxes so I can pack my dishes, pots and pans, and some bathroom stuff. The sucky part is, I have to work on Saturday. It’s a sale day so there is no way that I will be able to not work. So I have to work a crazy busy (hopefully) day for 8 hours, then I have to go help move/unpack stuff that night so I will have a place to sleep and dishes to eat food with. It’s going to be a crazy weekend. Thank GOD I have Sunday off. I should be able to get most of my stuff unpacked that day. But then I also have to find time to cook some food because I have two 11 hour shifts next week.

I seriously feel like I’m going to die from stress. There have been days over the last week or two where I thought I was just going to start crying at work because I’m so overwhelmed with everything. I really need like a month off, or maybe even a job where I can just sit at a desk and work on a computer. Working irregular shifts is really not how my body works and it’s slowly killing me. I’ve been working a lot by myself lately too which is making it extremely difficult for me to do my job properly. I’m behind on everything and feel like I have no one to help me. I haven’t been able to eat proper meals because I don’t have anyone to cover my breaks. I have been working on what was supposed to be my days off because there is no one else to work for me.

But, that’s enough complaining. Things are going to work themselves out. I just need to get my home life back under control which will happen shortly; then I will work on getting my work life sorted out. There is no point complaining about things I have the power to change. That was something that always bothered me about other people, and now here I am being a whiner.