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Apartment Search

I am getting so stressed out about finding a place to live. I know the area that I have my heart set on, but they’re all full! There’s one building that had a one bedroom available but it’s more than I had planned on spending. I have been calling this one building in particular every week for the last three or four weeks but they never have anything for me. It makes me very anxious as I need to be out of my current apartment by the end of April.

Moving is an exciting thing for me, but the process or actually finding a place to live SUCKS. I just wish that the next time I call, someone will have good news for me. I have my trust in god that he’s going to make everything work out in the end. But I am being very impatient right now. I don’t want May 1st to come along and have no where to go!

Do any of your have any tips on how to find an apartment? Or when the best time to call around looking is? A few places said that their current tenants have until April 1st to let them know if they’re leaving in May, so should I call that day or wait until April 2nd? I just wish I KNEW that everything was going to work out for me.