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Apartment Update

So April 1st came and I called a few places that I would really love to be in. The one place that I had been calling is full. So I called the building that is next door and they had a one bedroom available, so I booked a viewing for the following day (today). I was so excited! The location was perfect, the price was the best I have found, but shortly after making my appointment I got another call saying the tenant withdrew his notice. So I was back to square one.

When I got to work I called the building that I lived in about a year ago. The location of that one is also perfect, but the price is more than I had planned on paying. I booked a viewing anyway which is set for Thursday at 11am.

When I was on my lunch break at work I checked my phone again and there was a message from the cheaper building that I was supposed to see but fell through. Someone else gave their notice to vacate a one bedroom. I called and booked a viewing for Thursday as well at 10:30am. The manager said he has a couple other people coming to look at it on Wednesday but that he will give me dibs on it. So my hope is once more restored. Now I just have to hope that it meets all my criteria that I’m looking for. Please everyone cross your fingers that I love the place and that it isn’t given away before I get to make my decision! I really want to get settled so I can stop putting the rest of my life on the back burner.