Driving · June 14, 2015 3

Parking Improvement

I think I may be getting better at parking. Or maybe I was just having a lucky day. I’ve noticed that I park too far to the right side of my parking space so I’ve been consciously trying to fix that. Today I’ve been pretty good at parking in the middle of the space. I’m still having trouble figuring out how far to pull ahead in the space since I can’t see the hood of my car. But I just use the rear view camera to see how close I am to the back line. I haven’t had to fix the parking job as much today. Sometimes I fix it once, and others I don’t fix it at all! I’ve also gotten better at pulling into a parking space. I don’t seem to be pulling into the middle of two spaces anymore.

I also haven’t been as sweaty when I drive anymore. I’ve been pretty comfortable driving lately. My boyfriend bought me a magnet for the back of the car that says “Student Driver: Please be patient.” I think has helped me not feel so nervous. Now people will know why I do the things I do if I go crazy haha.