Driving / Life / Website · June 8, 2015 2

Sweaty Armpits

I continue to practice driving a little bit each day but I’ve noticed that it makes me sweat. I’m a nervous driver which I guess is a good thing because I would think it means I’m paying attention.

I continue to struggle with parking. I typically have to fix my parking job a minimum of five times to make sure I’m straight in the spot. Thankfully I haven’t been faced with the situation where I have to park between two vehicles.

I had to get my eyes rechecked today so I had to leave work for half an hour in the middle of my shift. They are going to switch the persciption to one that is stronger than my current glasses but not as strong as the new ones they gave me.

In website news, tonight I did a little bit of work on one of my other websites (http://draghimout.ca) which I neglected over the last few months. I’m slowly getting all my websites back on some sort of schedule.