Site Update

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I have changed the layout. I’ve been playing around with different layouts so I won’t promise this is the final one. I have also added some new pages. I added a Bucket List under the About Me section. I have also decided (I think) that I am going to close […]

Security and Awards

I swear I wasn’t avoiding you guys on purpose. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you may have seen a post about locking myself out of WordPress. That was exactly one month ago today. I had such tight security that after one wrong password you couldn’t try again for for multiple days. […]

New Direction

So I changed my mind again about Drag Him Out. I spent most of the day yesterday getting it back up and running, trying out different layouts and plugins. I decided I will list the upcoming and past events on that website, but blog about my experiences here on Stubborn Ox. That is at least […]

Two Become One

Since I decided to no longer update my website Drag Him Out and will ultimately be closing the site this summer, I have merged my blog posts from that site into this site. That is where I had been posting about the different events I’ve attended over the last couple years. If you wish to […]