They say you should try to have your baby off the bottle by their first birthday. I was fully prepared to do that but had no idea where to start. I was unable to find any real advice online for this which I found surprising. When we went to the doctor for Elliott’s one year checkup, he didn’t seem too concerned about him being on the bottle which I was also surprised by.

Dropping his afternoon bottles sort of happened by mistake. I went back to work and his dad was in charge. He decided to skip one or two of his bottles, and Elliott didn’t seem to mind. So when it was my time to be in charge for the weekend, I also tried skipping bottles. Instead, at the time he would drink, I gave him a snack instead.

For the first week I also sent two bottles with Elliott to the Day Home, but he was only drinking an ounce or two. For the second week I started only sending one bottle, although at home he wasn’t having any daytime bottles. But he was generally refusing the bottle. So by week three he was off the bottle during the day.

The next bottle to go was his morning bottle. Normally I would give him a bottle as soon as he woke up. Again, his dad decided he didn’t need a bottle and instead just gave him breakfast. So I tried the same. I made him wait until 7 am to have his breakfast and he didn’t seem to care. He didn’t act any hungrier than usual.

The last bottle was the one before bed, which they say is the hardest one to stop. I only just stopped that one three days ago. Normally I would sing to him while he drank his bottle. This week, I sang to him without the bottle. For the first minute or so he looked confused and complained a little bit. But I just kept singing and you could see on his face that he realized no bottle was coming. He complained the three nights that I have done this so far, but the realization seems to come faster each night.

I think it’s safe to say we are done with bottles, but I also think I am just blessed with an easy baby.

It’s been fun watching my son Elliott learn and grow throughout his first year of life. I’m so thankful I was able to be home and see all the little (and big) changes he has gone through. Here is a list of firsts and new skills he has gone through over his first year of life.

Monthly Photos

January 17: Elliott was born
January 18: Visited his first store (Walmart)
January 19: First Doctor’s appointment
January 20: First bath at home (he had one in the hospital on the 18th)
January 21: First grocery store visit
January 22: Had his first booger (haha)
January 23: His cord fell off
January 26: Slept upstairs in his bed for the first full night
January 31: First time leaving the house with mom by herself

February 6: Already growing out of newborn clothes
February 14: Met his Lola and Lolo (grandparents)
February 23: Met mom’s best friend and her kids
February 28: Slept his first 5 hour stretch at night

March 8: Mom stopped breastfeeding
March 12: First walk in the stroller
March 15: First hospital visit (8 hour wait for nothing!)
March 19: First immunization needles

April 3: First diaper blowout
April 4: Looks like he’s trying to roll from back to front
April 7: First library visit
April 19: Looks like he’s trying to sit-up

May 2: Sounds like he is saying Mum
May 8: Met his Nanny and Granddad
May 9: Went to his first restaurant (Harveys)
May 9: Had his first big outing to the Botanical Gardens
May 10: Went to the Rock and Gem show with his sister
May 11: Went to Jurassic Forest
May 13: Went to the Royal Alberta Museum
May 14: Left Elliott with grandparents while Mom and Dad went on a date
May 25: Went to the Ukrainian Fest
May 27: Went on a Hike it Baby walk at Elk Island National Park
May 29: Four month needles. Got his first bad fever.

June 4: Went on a Hike it Baby walk at Mill Creek Ravine
June 5: Went on a Hike It Baby walk at Devon Voyageur Park
June 14: First library program attended
June 15: First parade (in Beaumont)
June 18: Rolled from back to front for the first time
June 21: First road trip (to Calgary)
June 22: First time at the zoo
June 26: Started eating solid foods

July 3: Facebook meetup at the Edmonton Valley Zoo
July 13: Went to the Highland Games in Sherwood Park
July 24: Went to his first movie, The Lion King

August 8: Went to the Edmonton Corn Maze
August 14: Went for a walk at Fred Johns Park in Leduc
August 17: Went to a parade in Calmar
August 30: Drove to British Columbia, longest road trip

Sept 1: First time on a boat
Sept 12: Elliott started scooting backwards on his belly
Sept 13: Went on a Hike It Baby walk in Capilano Park
Sept 16: Went to a play date in Westbrook
Sept 17: Got his first tooth
Sept 20: First time swimming
Sept 22: Elliott can get on his hands and knees
Sept 23: Elliott can drink from his straw cup on his own
Sept 27: Elliott has his second tooth

October 3: First eye doctor visit
October 4: Went on a Hike It Baby walk in Capilano Park
October 5: Went to his first b-day party at Jump ‘N’ Play
October 11: Elliott has started saying Dada
October 16: Went to his second movie, The Adams Family
October 17: Elliott’s two top front teeth came through
October 18: Went on a Hike It Baby walk in Capilano Park
October 19: Elliott has started taking small steps from Mom to Dad
October 31: Starting to move forward on his belly like a caterpillar

November 2: Went to his first craft fair
November 2: Went from laying on his back to a sitting position
November 6: Starting to officially crawl
November 10: I found Elliott sitting up in his bed for the first time
November 13: Elliott was found standing up in his bed for the first time
November 16: Met Santa for the first time
November 23: Went to a Santa Claus parade

December 10: Elliott waved bye bye for the first time
December 21: Elliott clapped for the first time

January 9: Elliott got a fifth tooth popping through on top