Daily Schedule

As I’m writing this, Elliott is 19 days old (almost three weeks!). I thought I would go over what a day in my life looks like right now. Elliott will sleep for 1 to 3 hour stretches throughout the day and night. He sleeps the best if he is lying on someone, but we try […]

Breastfeeding Journey

Before having a baby I didn’t realize how difficult it was to breastfeed. When Elliott was one week old he had his first doctor’s appointment. He was weighed and checked out by his new doctor. He was already past his birth weight which I was very happy about. We discussed my struggles to get my […]

First Week Home

On our way home from the hospital we stopped off at Walmart so I could get my pain pill prescription filled. It was going to take about 15 mins, so Dad and Elliott decided to come in. While we waited we also bought a bunch of sleepers for Elliott since we didn’t really have any […]

Recovery Sucks

Before having a baby I thought that the labor would be the hard part. But honestly, my labor was great. I had barely any pain, thanks to the epidural. I would definitely go through labor again if it was as easy as mine was. What I was NOT prepared for was the recovery. At the […]