Life / Pregnancy · January 7, 2023 5

New Year, New Baby!

We are expecting our second (and final) baby this year. We had been trying to get pregnant for just over a year and found out I was pregnant in November.

This pregnancy has been more difficult than my last one so far. When I was pregnant with Elliott, I had things pretty easy. I had barely any symptoms, no morning sickness, no aches and pains. But this time, I felt sick for most of the first trimester. If I didn’t eat fast enough, I felt like I was going to throw up (although I never did). But then when I did eat, I could barely fit any food in my body before feeling full. And then the cycle would start over again an hour or two later. I couldn’t tell what my body wanted, it felt like I could never make the hungry feeling go away.

Another symptom I’ve been experiencing, which I didn’t have before, has been gagging when brushing my teeth. It’s worse in the morning, but I have to brush fast, otherwise I start gagging. This has been very annoying.

While the symptoms are reassuring that I am indeed pregnant, I really hate the first trimester of pregnancy. You can’t feel the baby moving around yet, and your appointments are so far between (4+ weeks apart) that it’s hard to feel confident in the pregnancy. I am constantly worried about miscarriage, especially now that I’m 37 years old. Thankfully I am now into the second trimester so the risk has dropped. But it’s always in the back of my mind. I’m really looking forward to starting to feel the baby moving around so I can have that reassurance that things are okay.

One thing I was happy about, was not having to buy new maternity clothes this time around since I kept everything from last time. Little did I know, that the bottoms were no longer going to fit! My hips grew wider during my last pregnancy so now most of my pregnancy pants are too tight already! I am so annoyed. What makes it even worse is, during Covid, all the maternity stores in my area closed down. So now in order to buy new clothes, I have to stop online which I do not like. I like being able to try the clothes on in person instead of buying them, trying them on, and then finding time to return them and be left without clothes to wear. My biggest concern right now is trying to find pants I can wear at work. At home I can wear yoga pants or pajama pants, but at work we need to wear dress pants, so that is what I’m on the hunt for now.

So far, the only time I have gotten to see my baby was at 8 weeks. At that point they were measuring exactly where they should be. But now I’m almost 14 weeks, so I’m really looking forward to my appointment on Monday to make sure everything is still going well. While I won’t get to see the baby, I should get to hear the heartbeat for the first time. I can’t wait!