Gardening / Home · October 1, 2022 2

Gardening Success

This year was my most successful gardening experience. Last year I tried to plant a bunch of food in my garden, but anytime something started to grow, the birds would eat the plant. This year I bought netting to put over the garden until the plants were able to establish themselves. In my garden box I planted watermelon, carrots, peas, corn, and pumpkin. Everything except the watermelon grew! I probably shouldn’t have planted so many things in one spot, but I wasn’t even expecting anything to grow haha.

Netting on the garden box.

I also planted tomatoes in a pot which did grow, but did not grow any tomatoes. While we were away on my NS Trip, Edmonton had a heat wave and the plant didn’t get enough water. I think that was the main reason I didn’t get any vegetables on that plant. I had planted it in a pot with the idea that I would bring it inside during the winter. But I didn’t realize how much scent the plant gives off. I brought it in the house for a couple days but could not stand the smell and had to put it back outside. I will hope to plant them again next year.

Tomato Plant

Another thing I planted which did not grow was bell peppers and lettuce. I did not put the netting over top, so I believe I will have more success with those next year.

Last year I also planted Lupines which had grown but did not give me flowers. But this year it did flower so that was a nice surprise. I like that they are an annual so I don’t have to worry about planting them every year.

Shelling Peas

My first pumpkin.
Small pumpkins.
Long Pumpkin

Beside that, we had a bunch of flowers that were planted by the previous owners of the house as well as the raspberry patch and rhubarb patch which grows every year. Next year I plan to move the carrots away from the pumpkins and buy a proper support system for the peas and tomato plants.

The one thing I didn’t realize about gardening was how many weeds there are. My whole garden area (and my yard in general) has been overrun by weeds. I don’t have the time to be out there every week pulling out the weeds so it has gotten to the point where it is very overwhelming and I don’t really know how to tackle it. I’m hoping to have time soon to start pulling everything out and getting ready for winter.