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Holiday Spirit

I have always loved the holiday season. This year was the earliest year I have set up my Christmas tree. Normally I would wait until December (mom used to make me wait until after my brother’s birthday on December 3). But this year my boyfriend has been really eager to get things set up so the tree went up on November 9th. He even insisted that we put presents under the tree so it’s already pretty full with gifts underneath. I set up lights in my windows, the only apartment with lights up already in my building haha. It has also been snowing a lot over the last week or two so we have about 20cms out there right now. It certainly gets you in the mood for Christmas. How early do you start decorating for the holidays? I had one person tell me they weren’t even sure they were going to set up a tree this year. Have you ever celebrated Christmas without a tree? Would you be able to celebrate without a tree? Have you started your holiday shopping yet?


Last weekend they lit up a tree downtown and set off fireworks. This was my second year going down to watch it and having it snowing really added to the celebration.