Product Review · December 2, 2013 15

Pillsbury Pizza Pops

As a BzzAgent I was sent a coupon to try out some new flavors of Pizza Pops for free. The new flavors are Kickin’ Buffalo Chicken and Blazin’ Beef Nacho. When I was selected for this campaign I was pretty freakin’ excited. It took me a while to actually find them in the store because they were sold out everywhere I looked!

I hadn’t had pizza pops in years. I used to eat them a lot when I was younger but never since moving out on my own. I was especially excited to try the Buffalo Chicken ones. They were a lot more spicy then I had expected them to be. But they were very tasty! The Blazin’ Beef Nacho sounded less appealing to me because it made of think of the nachos you buy from the movie theaters which have that processed cheese on them. They smelled good while they were cooking in the microwave but weren’t as spicy as the Buffalo Chicken ones. I wasn’t that impressed with the Nacho flavored Pizza Pops the first time. But the more that I eat them, the more they seem to grow on me.

I have found myself being lazy about cooking food since I bought the Pizza Pops and have been using them as my meals instead. This is not a good thing so I don’t plan on buying anymore Pizza Pops right now for the sake of my health.

Tell me about your Pizza Pops experiences? When was the last time you’ve had them? Which of the two flavors sound most appealing to you and why? Why do you or don’t you eat them currently?