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First Prenatal Appointment

Today is July 17, 2018 and I had my first prenatal appointment. I didn’t know what to expect. I knew that I was supposed to be able to hear the heartbeat but that’s about all I knew. According to the internet, I thought it was still be too early to hear as I am only about 12 weeks.

Week 12

Week 12

As soon as I got there they had me do another urine test which I wasn’t really expecting. I didn’t see the instructions on the bathroom wall until I was done so hopefully I didn’t mess it up. The toilet was a self flushing toilet so it flushed as soon as I sat down. Then I didn’t have enough pee to fill the cup to the line. Then the toilet flushed on me again before I was done. My urine was also very yellow so I don’t know if they makes a difference.

Next they took my blood pressure and weight. Then I had to put the paper gown on that you use during a pap test. They asked me a bunch of questions, did a breast exam because I’m over 30 years old, and then used the Doppler to look for the heartbeat. She was able to find the heartbeat pretty quickly and said it was about 155 which is considered high. She said there’s a theory that girls have a high heartbeat while boys have a lower one. But also that heartbeats are usually fast at this point in general. I also read online that there is no scientific evidence that the heartbeat rate means anything. We’ll see if it is a predictor in the future.