Life / Work · October 6, 2015 2

You Should be in School

I hear that phrase quite often while working in a retail store. Since I look younger than I actually am people think I should still be in school.

And that makes me feel bad. It makes me feel like they view me as if I’m wasting my life working in a store like that. And then I question whether that’s the truth or not.

I then tell them that I did infact go to school. I did 13 years in the public system, then another six years getting my teaching degree. After which time I realized that I didn’t like teaching.

Telling people this then makes me feel like a failure as a human being. Sure I would like to be doing more with my life. I just dont know what it is I want to do. My ideal vocation would be to stay home and raise a few kids. And maybe that will happen and I will finally feel fulfilled. But until then, I wish people would realize that what they’re saying causes me grief.