Home Ownership · August 17, 2020 4

We Bought a House!

In my last blog post I talked about a house that dropped into our price range and I knew we should go see it right away.

This house was bigger than all the other houses we had already seen. The rooms were all a great size. The basement, although ugly and in major need of updates, wasn’t as bad as it looked in the pictures. It had a nice big yard and already had a garden which I was hoping to have in my future house. I was happy with this house and told my boyfriend we should put in an offer.

That night we kept going back and forth over the pros and cons. It was slightly over our budget, but it was huge. The basement was going to be a lot of work, but the upstairs was done and we could slowly work on updates as we had time and money. The basement has a strange layout and we weren’t sure how to make it into something nice, but maybe it wasn’t as bad as we thought. The memories of what it looked like was already fading.

We knew that other people had been in for viewings that day and were worried that someone else would put in an offer and take it away from us. After lots of thinking, we decided to just go for it and see what happens.

We put in an offer then next day and they came back with a counter offer that was at the very top of our budget. We decided to accept the counter because we did not want someone else to come in a steal it away from us.

We got our mortgage approved and set up a home inspection. We were really hoping the inspection went well and there weren’t any surprises. It turns out, it was a really great house! The inspector found some minor issues, but they were all things that we should be able to fix on our own. He would even tell us how to fix it, what products we should by, and gave us maintenance tips as we walked through the house.

The current owner of the house was home during both our visits to the house. He told us the reason he had to sell, how he and his wife had the house built for them, and how much he has loved living there. He offered to leave us his gardening tools, extra paint, and he asked if we wanted some of his old furniture as well.

Now we are just playing the waiting game. He get to pick up the keys to our new house on August 25 and we cannot wait to get everything moved in.