Memes · February 16, 2013 2

Valentine’s Day Meme: Day 16

Day 16- Your top five favorite candies and why?

I wouldn’t really say I’m a big candy person. I like chocolate. Is that considered candy? I’ll allow it. 😛

  1. Sour Poppers: These are sour gummy candies. I love sour stuff and the fruity gummy candy makes these just that much more delicious.

  3. Mars Bars: The Canadian version, not the American ones with nuts in them. I love the combination of chocolate and caramel. It makes my mouth water from the first bite.

  5. Coffee Crisp: I’m not a coffee fan but these bars are so good. If coffee tasted like these bars, then I might be hooked for sure.

  7. Lindor Chocolates: I love these so much. They melt in my mouth. And the smooth center is to die for. If you have never had a Lindor Chocolate, then you are missing out!

  9. Cadbury Caramel Bunnies: I only get these at Easter time. They are little bunnies filled with liquid caramel. They are my favorite thing to receive at Easter.