I Quit

I decided to stop documenting my Sims story for two reasons. The first being that you didn’t really seem that interested in following along. The second being that I technically failed the Challenge. In the 4th generation, the parents were pretty old when they started having children. When the parent’s died, all three children were […]

Valentine’s Day Meme: Day 18

Day 18- Most romantic song? Why? This is an extremely difficult question for me because there are so many romantic songs that I enjoy. But when I try to think of the MOST romantic one my mind goes blank. A couple that I enjoy are: The Rocket Summer: So Much Love What I like the […]

Valentine’s Day Meme: Day 17

Day 17- Lingerie: yes or no? Why? I don’t really understand what this question is asking. Is it a good gift? No I don’t think so. I would rather buy it myself. I would feel like the gift giver is telling me that I’m not sexy enough or that I don’t turn them on anymore.

Valentine’s Day Meme: Day 16

Day 16- Your top five favorite candies and why? I wouldn’t really say I’m a big candy person. I like chocolate. Is that considered candy? I’ll allow it. đŸ˜› Sour Poppers: These are sour gummy candies. I love sour stuff and the fruity gummy candy makes these just that much more delicious.   Mars Bars: […]