Memes · February 12, 2013 3

Valentine’s Day Meme: Day 12

Day 12- Love vs Lust; what’s the difference to you? Which do you prefer on Valentine’s Day? The rest of the year?

Lust to me is just a crush. Maybe you think some guy is hot. Or maybe you think someone is really funny. You’re attracted to one part of a person but you know that they wouldn’t be right for you in the long run. The person just satisfies one part of you. Eye candy so to say.

Love on the other hand is someone you connect with on every (or almost every) level. Someone you would spend every free moment with and not even notice. When you think about your future, you can’t picture that person not being there beside you.

On Valentine’s day I want to be with someone that makes me feel giddy. I want to feel the butterflies and the excitement of liking someone. That lust feeling you had back when you first started liking boys. Being with someone that makes you blush because they caught you staring at them.

While I would love that feeling to last throughout the year as well, I know that would be unrealistic. It can last for quite a while, but for a full year would be pushing it I’m sure.