Website · January 11, 2013 2

Starting Over

So I effectively lost all of my website data by mistake. I’m currently going through the depression that you face when you lose your website. I’ve gone through this once before a long time ago an I remember how heart breaking it was. It’s not so bad this time because it was my own fault.

I saved my WordPress files on to my computer thinking that all the information I needed would be safe, but I think the blog posts and pages are actually saved on the MySQL database which I deleted. If anyone knows how to get that information back I would love for you to tell me. Otherwise I am starting from the beginning.

It makes me very discouraged about blogging. I almost don’t want to do it again now that I lost all my old posts. But at the same time, I would really miss my website so I’m not going anywhere. I tried to export my data before starting over but that was something that had stopped working in the WordPress platform so I couldn’t. I’m sure I could have saved the data some other way but I just didn’t investigate far enough. I’m at that point where I wish I could just go back in time and start over from the beginning before I messed everything up.

The thing I’m going to miss the most are the posts about events that I’ve gone through. My Europe trip, gone. Cuba, gone. The awesomeness that goes on in downtown Halifax, poof. Also all the recipes I had on here are no longer here. It’s extremely frustrating.

On the flip side, I’m glad this happened in January because it’s like a refresh button. I can now see my life since 2013 has started (almost). It makes me want to create a new layout. I no longer have all those useless web pages that I never updated anymore. It’s like spring cleaning. I just wish I didn’t lose EVERY page. There are always positives to look at, and I try to always focus on the positive, with this and life and general. You could get so stressed out if you just look at the bad and feel sorry for yourself.