Over the last year I enjoyed finding activities to do with my son. For the first few months we pretty much didn’t go anywhere, mainly because I was scared and still trying to figure everything out. I took him out for our first walk in the stroller in March when he was almost 2 months old. He slept for most of it.

Our First Walk

In May my parents came out from Nova Scotia to meet Elliott when he was around 4 months old. We took him out to Jurassic Forest, the Royal Alberta Museum, and the Devon Botanical Gardens.

Jurassic Forest

Also in May I took him out to the Ukrainian Festival where we listened to some music and watched the dancers. I also started doing “hikes” with the Hike It Baby group, which is basically scheduled walks with other moms and babies.

Ukrainian Festival

In June when he was around 6 months old we started going out to the library for their programs. They have a few different programs geared to young kids where you sing, read stories, and play with toys. I really enjoyed that and talking to other moms. We also went to a parade in June and the Calgary Zoo.

Calgary Zoo

In July I went to my first Facebook mom’s group meetup, this time at Edmonton Valley Zoo. This is where I met my first mom friends who I’ve hung out a couple other times since then. In July I also took Elliott out to a Highland Games event and to his first movie, The Lion King.

Highland Games

In August at 8 months old, Elliott and I got lost in the Edmonton Corn Maze, went on more walks with friends, and attended another parade.

Edmonton Corn Maze

In September we went to visit his other grandparents in British Columbia for a week. It was an 11 hour drive each way. He did great on the way there, only crying for the last hour. But the drive home was a different story. He cried almost the whole way home.

First Time in a Boat

In September we continued going for “Hikes” and to the library. We also went swimming for the first time with our friends from the Zoo Meetup.

In October at almost 9 months old we went to our first birthday party and to our second movie, The Adams Family.

Attending a friend’s birthday party.

In November I took him to a craft fair but it was so crowded I could barely get the stroller through the aisles so it was not very enjoyable. We went to see Santa at Southgate Mall and went to a Santa Claus parade at the Mill Woods Town Centre.

Waiting to meet Santa.

In December we didn’t do a whole lot. The weather got colder and snowier so I didn’t really want to leave the house. We had a visit with some friends near Christmas and we went out to the library once. Hopefully we will have time for more adventures next year, but it will be harder since I will be back at work.

Elliott’s First Birthday

It has been one year since I became a mom. I love tracking my finances and before I had my son I made a budget of what I thought it would cost to have a baby. He cost a bit more than expected haha.

I had planned to spend about $150 CAD a month on baby supplies. In reality it was more like $300-400 a month. The spending actually started before he was born.

When I was pregnant I spent a lot of money on maternity clothes. I would have bought my maternity clothes secondhand but I hope to be pregnant again someday so I chose to buy new. In total for pregnancy clothes (including a winter coat because I couldn’t fit into my regular one near the end) I spent around $675!

I also bought things to keep myself comfortable during pregnancy (like a pregnancy pillow which I hated) and supplies to make padsicles (which I never used). I probably spent about $150-200 on those items.

I bought random odds and ends which I really didn’t need like blocks to countdown to the due date and count up how old he is, baby books, announcement cards, etc. I probably spent about $120 on those items.

Every baby needs furniture. We tried to keep costs down. We decided not to buy a crib or really have a nursery at all. Our son sleeps in a pack and play which was gifted to us by family. We did buy a few items:

Rocking Chair: $350
Stroller/ Car Seat Combo: $210
High Chair: $93
Bigger Car Seat: $250 x2 (one for each car)
Sound Machine for sleeping: $42
Baby Gate: $85
Odds and Ends (toy box, stroller accessories, etc.): $150

Once baby was here I planned on breastfeeding which you may have read didn’t go so well. So the following items were only used for about a month. Hopefully they will be useful in the future because they were not cheap!

Breast Pump: $268
Breastfeeding Pillow: $42
Nursing Clothes: $350

Babies also need clothing. Thankfully we were given a lot of clothes from his grandparents and aunt so our cost for clothes is a lot lower than it would have been. This year for clothes (which includes snowsuits and sleep sacks) was $600.

Babies also need to eat. For feeding supplies such as bottles, sippy cups, and bibs, we spent around $120. For formula we spent around $800. For baby food we spent around $85.

We were also gifted a lot of toys so we tried not to spent too much on this category. This year I expect to be a challenge because I will be back at work, and I work in a toy store. I know I’m going to want to buy every new thing that comes in haha. Anyway, on toys during Elliott’s first year we spent around $200.

Finally, we come to diapers and diaper related items. For diapers we spent around $300. On wipes we only spent $44 (Costco has a great price on wipes)! And on Diaper Genie Refills we spent around $60.

So let’s summarize all that information so it’s easier to see:

Maternity Clothes: $675
Pregnancy Items: $ 200
Furniture: $1280
Breastfeeding Supplies/Nursing Clothes: $660
Baby Clothes: $600
Feeding: $1000
Diapers: $400
Toys: $200
Odds and Ends: $300

Grand Total for being pregnant and having a baby: $5350
Grand Total for just baby: $4440
Per month it works out to about $300-400 once you remove the clothing for mom.

This year’s budget for baby related items is $300 a month, based off of last year. Let’s see if we can stay within that amount. It will be a little harder to track, at least for food because he should be off formula and eating the same food as we are.

I will also mention that our food budget was way over what I had planned too due to eating out more often. I budgeted $500 a month on food but it was closer to $600 each month. I only see that getting worse as I go back to work since we won’t have as much time to cook.