Life · March 14, 2015 1

New High Score

I think I mentioned before that I bought an activity tracker that tells me how many steps I take each day. Today I made a new record. I didn’t have the bracelet on all day because I had to charge the battery but I did over 15000 steps today! This is actually the second time I broke the record in less than a month.

At work I average about 8000 steps. Tonight we went downtown to watch the Red Bull Crashed Ice event and went out to eat with friends. We also took public transit which required a 10-20 minute walk each way.

The previous record was made the day I went shopping earlier this month. I did more steps that day in 3 hours of shopping than I do working for 8 hours. I thought that was crazy because I work on my feet all day, but apparently I don’t do much walking around.

I think as the weather gets warmer, my step count is going to continue to grow.