Life · March 15, 2015 0

Food Makes Me Sick

Over the last 24 hours, food and I havn’t been getting along. Last night we went out for dinner with friends but the food took forever to come out. I drank a whole milkshake while waiting for my meal to arrive. I was probably full before I even started but I tried to eat anyway. Each bite made me feel like I was going to throw up. So basically I had maybe five bites of my supper.

Then today I tried to eat the leftovers and again it made me feel sick. So there goes like $20 down the drain. My boyfriend gave me some of his leftover lasagna for lunch which I ate but it still didn’t go down as satisfying as food usually does.

Then tonight we made my favorite meal; homemade pizza. I even had trouble finishing my second piece! Although I think this time it was the alcohol which made me feel sick. I even threw some alcohol down the drain because I didn’t want to finish it. What is wrong with me?!