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Milestones Timeline

It’s been fun watching my son Elliott learn and grow throughout his first year of life. I’m so thankful I was able to be home and see all the little (and big) changes he has gone through. Here is a list of firsts and new skills he has gone through over his first year of life.

Monthly Photos

January 17: Elliott was born
January 18: Visited his first store (Walmart)
January 19: First Doctor’s appointment
January 20: First bath at home (he had one in the hospital on the 18th)
January 21: First grocery store visit
January 22: Had his first booger (haha)
January 23: His cord fell off
January 26: Slept upstairs in his bed for the first full night
January 31: First time leaving the house with mom by herself

February 6: Already growing out of newborn clothes
February 14: Met his Lola and Lolo (grandparents)
February 23: Met mom’s best friend and her kids
February 28: Slept his first 5 hour stretch at night

March 8: Mom stopped breastfeeding
March 12: First walk in the stroller
March 15: First hospital visit (8 hour wait for nothing!)
March 19: First immunization needles

April 3: First diaper blowout
April 4: Looks like he’s trying to roll from back to front
April 7: First library visit
April 19: Looks like he’s trying to sit-up

May 2: Sounds like he is saying Mum
May 8: Met his Nanny and Granddad
May 9: Went to his first restaurant (Harveys)
May 9: Had his first big outing to the Botanical Gardens
May 10: Went to the Rock and Gem show with his sister
May 11: Went to Jurassic Forest
May 13: Went to the Royal Alberta Museum
May 14: Left Elliott with grandparents while Mom and Dad went on a date
May 25: Went to the Ukrainian Fest
May 27: Went on a Hike it Baby walk at Elk Island National Park
May 29: Four month needles. Got his first bad fever.

June 4: Went on a Hike it Baby walk at Mill Creek Ravine
June 5: Went on a Hike It Baby walk at Devon Voyageur Park
June 14: First library program attended
June 15: First parade (in Beaumont)
June 18: Rolled from back to front for the first time
June 21: First road trip (to Calgary)
June 22: First time at the zoo
June 26: Started eating solid foods

July 3: Facebook meetup at the Edmonton Valley Zoo
July 13: Went to the Highland Games in Sherwood Park
July 24: Went to his first movie, The Lion King

August 8: Went to the Edmonton Corn Maze
August 14: Went for a walk at Fred Johns Park in Leduc
August 17: Went to a parade in Calmar
August 30: Drove to British Columbia, longest road trip

Sept 1: First time on a boat
Sept 12: Elliott started scooting backwards on his belly
Sept 13: Went on a Hike It Baby walk in Capilano Park
Sept 16: Went to a play date in Westbrook
Sept 17: Got his first tooth
Sept 20: First time swimming
Sept 22: Elliott can get on his hands and knees
Sept 23: Elliott can drink from his straw cup on his own
Sept 27: Elliott has his second tooth

October 3: First eye doctor visit
October 4: Went on a Hike It Baby walk in Capilano Park
October 5: Went to his first b-day party at Jump ‘N’ Play
October 11: Elliott has started saying Dada
October 16: Went to his second movie, The Adams Family
October 17: Elliott’s two top front teeth came through
October 18: Went on a Hike It Baby walk in Capilano Park
October 19: Elliott has started taking small steps from Mom to Dad
October 31: Starting to move forward on his belly like a caterpillar

November 2: Went to his first craft fair
November 2: Went from laying on his back to a sitting position
November 6: Starting to officially crawl
November 10: I found Elliott sitting up in his bed for the first time
November 13: Elliott was found standing up in his bed for the first time
November 16: Met Santa for the first time
November 23: Went to a Santa Claus parade

December 10: Elliott waved bye bye for the first time
December 21: Elliott clapped for the first time

January 9: Elliott got a fifth tooth popping through on top