Product Review · January 2, 2014 5

Maple Vox Box

Maple Vox Box

In December Influenster sent out their first Canadian VoxBox and I was lucky enough to receive one for free! I was so excited to see it in my mailbox (and the fact that it actually FIT in my mailbox)!

Skinny Cow Skinny Cow

The first item I tried right away was the Skinny Cow Milk Chocolate Heavenly Crisp. I was a little concerned when I first felt the package because it felt so thin. But once I opened it up ad saw the wafer, I was excited to try it. It was a little dry in texture but it tasted good and kept my hunger away.

The next item was the NYC New York Color Big Bold Plumping Lip Gloss. I’m not normally a lip gloss wearer because I’m always in a relationship and boys don’t generally like lip gloss all over their face haha. When I first put it on it made my lips tingle in a good way. I found the color wasn’t that noticeable which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the look you are going for. After it dried I forgot I was wearing it. One thing I really liked about this product is that it doesn’t dry out your lips like I have found with some other lip colors.

I was disappointed by the Ice Breakers DUO mints. They were more like candy as opposed to mints. I didn’t find them very minty and there’s no way they would freshen someone’s breath. The mints didn’t last very long in your mouth and I didn’t even find that they tasted that good. I also thought it was funny that the package was mislabeled. There is a “solo” and “many” opening which I thought was really cool because you could easily get the amount of mints you wanted, but the labels were backwards.

My favorite Skinny Cow product so far (I’ve only tried the two I talked about today haha) are the Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters. They were delicious! It was the perfect size for a snack. Although when I looked at the nutritional content I didn’t find that they were very good for you, so I wouldn’t want to eat them too often.

One product that I didn’t get to actually try out was the Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure. I was a little disappointed about that. I’ve never tried fake nails before, and while I wasn’t too crazy about the pattern that I was sent, I was still looking forward to trying them. But from looking at the instructions and watching videos online on how to actually apply them, I’m pretty sure my nails were faulty. There was no plastic tab to pull off like it shows there should be.

New York Color Masque

Along with the lip gloss, I also got to try the NYC New York Color Big Bold Curl Mascara. I like the wand which is curved to follow the last line. But I have very thin eyelashes (probably because I always leave my mascara on and it rips my lashes out…) so I had a little issue with mascara getting on my eyelid along with my lashes. The mascara looked as good as any other mascara I have, but it wasn’t waterproof which is a necessity for me when buying mascara.

Finally, my favorite product was the Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa Masque! I don’t have that much experience with facial masks but I really liked this one. You just take it out of the package and put this cloth that is filled with a wet paste like substance on your face. It molds right to your face and stays there without falling off. It has a nice smell to it. As you can see from the horrible picture I took, it feels a little strange the first time you use it. It had a cooling sensation which would be really refreshing on a hot summer day. After taking it off your skin feels so soft, and the softness was felt throughout the next day too! They suggest using the product once a week which I would totally do if I ever find it in a store near me. According to the fact sheet I received with my VoxBox, it costs less than $3 which is very affordable.