Product Review · February 25, 2016 3

L’Oreal Paris Hydra-Total 5 Routine

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I received these three products for free thanks to Before starting this system but skin was very dry and flaky. But I have to say, these really worked for me. I have sensitive skin so I’m always nervous about trying something new. In the past I’ve had products that made my skin even more dry. There have been products that caused my eczema to flare up making it look like I’ve been crying. But the Hydra-Total 5 system has been great.

You start by applying the cleanser. Using a cotton ball, you dab the product on your skin. You don’t rub or use water which I found a little bit strange. You apply the toner next using the same method. I don’t really like using the cotton ball because it leaves little pieces of cotton on my face. And you end up going through a lot of cotton balls over time (4 per day). But combined with the moisturizer, it really did improve my skin.

I was skeptical of the moisturizer at first because you only apply it once per day and it’s supposed to provide 24 hour moisture. With previous products I was creaming my face at least two to three times per day. But this actually works. I noticed a difference in my skin almost right away. My skin has been smooth and soft the entire time I’ve been using it. I would definitely recommended this product, especially if you have really dry skin.

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