Health · September 2, 2016 0

Eczema is Back

I grew up dealing with eczema when I lived in Nova Scotia. I normally have it on the hands but sometimes also on my wrists and elbows. When I moved to Alberta it went away on it’s own pretty soon after getting here. But this year it’s back.

I think one of my big triggers is the weather. Nova Scotia (NS) is very humid and we get rain quite often. But that’s not usually the case in Alberta (AB). However, this year its been raining most days from June until now.

Another trigger is stress which I have been feeling a lot of this year. I’ve been missing my family whom I havn’t seen in more than a year. That’s the longest I’ve been away from my parents ever. I’ve been daydreaming about running away from everything and moving back home.

My hands are super itchy as I type this and I’ve been scratching them a lot today which only makes things worse. I put some non-persciption cortate cream on them so hopefully the itchiness won’t wake me up. I think the trick to getting the eczema to go away will be to keep myself from scratching. Wish me luck!