Driving · July 17, 2015 3

Driving in the Rain

The other day when I was driving home from work, it started raining very lightly. Not really enough to NEED my windshield wipers, but enough that I wanted to make sure I knew how if it did get harder. I’ve never driven in the rain in my new car yet so I haven’t had to try the wipers yet.

So I attempted to turn them on, but instead I made the wiper fluid spray the window. I tried again and this time sprayed the back window. On my third attempt I sprayed the front window again. I finally got the wiper to wipe the window, but since the rain was so light, I just wiped it once and turned it back off. A few minutes later I wanted to wipe the window again, and I got the wiper fluid AGAIN! It’s going to take me some time to make sure I get it right each time. Thankfully it doesn’t often rain here.