Driving · June 2, 2015 2

Driving Day Two

We went out to practice driving again tonight after work. He made me drive home on the scary 4 lane road. But no one died.

We then took a practice drive to the place of my ultrasound. I had a little difficulty backing into a parking spot which I’m worried about. I might have to drive in and then worry about backing out, but we’ll see. We will probably practice parking some more over the next couple days.

Parking was something that caused me grief in the past so it scares me a lot right now. I once got into a parking spot but was too close to the car beside me and didn’t know how to fix it. I’m terrified of it happening again.

The other thing I’m bad at is changing lanes. I tend to turn the wheel when I do my shoulder check so I need to watch out for that.

Tonight I drove a little too close to the right side of my lane and my boyfriend also said I go too slow when I’m turning from a side road back to the main road.

So a bunch of things to work on, but it wasn’t as scary as last time. I hope I continue getting more and more comfortable each time. As long as nothing crazy happens to scare me from driving then things should be okay.