Driving · June 4, 2015 0

Driving Alone

Today I decided to drive to work. It was my first time driving without someone else in the car (since relearning to drive). I didn’t have far to go since I only live 2km away. But I thought it would be a bad idea to wait until tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my ultrasound which means I’m going to have a full bladder. I didn’t want to drive with a full bladder and a belly full of nerves. I’m still worried about the ultrasound because I had a bad experience last time. I really hope I can get through it without peeing myself haha.

As for the driving today, everything went smoothly. I parked a little far back in the space since I’m still having trouble gaging where the front of my car stops. But I was still in my parking space. I also was able to park in my spot at my house without too much trouble.

I must say, I love having a backup camera. Without it I would be having a terrible time backing into a parking space. It was a major reason why I bought a new car vs an old one.

I’m worried about finding a parking spot tomorrow at the doctor but I guess I could always drive in and back out. However, that one time I got stuck while parking in the past, I had also drove in. So I don’t know. I guess we’ll figure it out tomorrow.