Memes · February 25, 2013 1

Valentine’s Day Meme: Day 25

Day 25- Which is the worst: getting asked out in person, via telephone, via text/messenger, or via twitter/Tumblr/facebook? Would you still say yes?

I think the worst would probably be through text because you don’t even get to see a picture of the person’s face as you would in person or even with social media. Over the phone you still have that personal touch because you are hearing the person’s voice. But with a text, it’s just words. How can you even be sure that it was the person asking you that owns the phone? Anyone could have gotten a hold of the phone and sent the text.

My answer would depend on how long and how well I know the person that asked me. If it was someone I’ve only been talking to for a short while I probably would say no. I would want someone to put a little more work into trying to win me over. Asking me out via text would just feel lazy to me.