Memes · February 22, 2013 1

Valentine’s Day Meme: Day 22

Day 22- Worst thing someone can do on a date and why?

Probably spend time on their phone. I always feel immediately ignored when someone turns to their phone. And to see this on my first date with someone would tell me I would feel ignored a lot in a relationship with this person. Unless there is something really important that I need to check or do, I will not use electronics if I’m supposed to be spending time with someone else. I only find it acceptable when the other person is occupied.

Past boyfriends would be amused by reading this because it was probably the demise of all my past relationships. They have all said “You spend too much time on the computer.” And it’s probably true that once I am comfortable with someone I will spend a lot of time on my computer. But when I’m out in public, my attention is on you.