Life · January 26, 2016 2

Target Audience

So I totally meant to blog every day of my two week vacation. But after Christmas all I really did was spend 12 hours a day playing video games.

I got myself addicted to Banished again. I finally learned how to grow my population. Then from there I started working on getting all the different awards. I haven’t gotten them all yet but I’m taking a break now that I’m back at work.

That’s not really what I came here to blog about though. I wanted to talk about my online presence. I was thinking tonight about who I post for; on Facebook, Instagram, my blog, etc.

In the past it was definitely geared towards other people like my friends, family, strangers, crushes. But now I think I post for myself. I enjoy looking back and seeing how things were in the past. What I was interested in, what I was doing, where I was working.

Every morning I check out my Timehop app and enjoy the past memories. Sometimes a link to an old blog post appears and it makes me sad because it’s no longer there (due to the website deletion accident). But I love seeing the old photos and Facebook status updates.

That might be why my blog posts are not very frequent lately. If there’s not much happening, there’s not much to write about. I don’t want to read an uneventful blog post in the future. And if im not interested in reading it, why would anyone else be? So I think going forward I will write as if I’m writing to myself to remember the moment while I’m in it.