haunted pumpkin festival

October 20, 2014

Haunted Pumpkin Festival

On Sunday we went to the Haunted Pumpkin Festival at the Prairie Gardens in Bon Accord. When I arrived, I was a little shocked to see how many cars were there. This was a really popular event! After buying admission, the first thing we did was walk through to the Mega Maze. Inside the maze there were mailboxes with slips of paper to collect and tape to a map that was given to you when you arrived. We were able to find all the mailboxes but were disappointed because there was no tape left to attach the clues to our paper and a couple of the mailboxes were empty. Also since we visited so late in the season, all of the corn was dried up which made it easier for us to find our way through the maze. But it was fun still the same.

Upon finishing the maze we took a bus to the main part of the farm which was a kilometre away from where we had to park. There were cute farm buildings set up near the entrance and people walking around in costumes. We went through a haunted house (which I was thankful wasn’t scary for someone my age…); visited a petting zoo with goats, bunnies, and sheep; watched a pirate shoot a pumpkin out of a cannon; and walked through an enchanted forest.

As a childless couple, visiting this event once is enough. But I think it would be a fun place for kids. There were a ton of activities that we didn’t partake in such as face painting, pumpkin decorating, and building your own scarecrow. Thanks to the pleasant autumn weather we have been enjoying, it was a nice way to spend a day away from home.

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