Driving · August 18, 2015 0

Road Trip

On Saturday I went for my longest drive yet! We drove out to Innisfail to visit a Wildlife Park. It was about 2 hours each way to get there on the highway.

Highway driving is a lot easier than city driving. You can mostly stay in one lane and stay at one speed. I used my cruise control for the first time. People were still passing me, but I didn’t mind because that meant they were speeding. I had to pass a few other people myself because they were going under the speed limit.

The thing I struggled with the most was trying to stay in the middle of the lane. I wasn’t staying closer to one side or the other, I was just all over my lane. At least I never went out of my lane. I also found that if the person in front of me was closer to one side of the lane, I usually went that way too which was annoying.

All in all the drive went smoothly. I didn’t even feel tired during the drive.