Health · December 31, 2016 5

New Year, New You

Today my Wii Fit welcomed me back after a 362 day break between workouts. Needless to say, I have gotten a little out of shape over the last year. While I haven’t gained (or lost) any weight, I definitely have gotten a little fluffier.

During my workout today I noticed a couple things I did not like. During a short run I noticed my bum was jiggling up and down which was very uncomfortable haha. The second thing that bothered me was how the lunges I did nearly killed me. After doing 20 lunges per leg I had to sit down and catch my breath. After taking a short break, they were still sore and didn’t want to stand much longer. They were a little shaky and my entire body was exhausted while my mind wanted me to keep going.

So I made some fitness goals for this new year. I want to make my butt stop jumping when I jump, I want to strengthen my lower body so I can do longer work outs, I want to strengthen my back muscles because it’s been sore lately and I’ve been doing a lot more sitting now that I can’t walk to work, and finally I would like to tone my stomach because it’s a little more flabby than I prefer.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel like I still look in shape and you wouldn’t call me unfit by any means. But I want to make my body stronger so it continues to treat me good.

Do you have any fitness goals for the new year? How long do you think I can keep up my exercise routine? Obviously my track record is not great haha.