Product Review · May 20, 2014 0

imPress Manicure Canada VoxBox

I got to try out some press-on nails for free thanks to Influenster. I had received them in my first VoxBox as well, but they were missing a part so I never actually go to try them out. This time I was super excited to see that this batch was not faulty. As someone who has never used fake nails before, they felt really weird after application. The process was really easy though.

You first have to find the nails that fit your fingers. There are actually 12 sizes of nails to help you fit them perfectly. When I decided to try out these new nails it was night time and I was tired from working all day. So I did not do the best job of matching them up. When looking from the top, it appeared that the nails fit perfectly. But when looking from the side you could still see a little bit of my natural nail. I don’t know if this would have been preventable if I took a little more time finding the correct nail size, or if the fake nails just aren’t as wide as my real nails. I also had two or three nails that were put on a little crooked. Neither issue was very noticeable unless you really looked at them closely.

Once you have your nails matched up, you peel off the plastic backing and stick them onto your nail. Next time I try out these nails, I will have to make sure that I do a really good job of placing them near the cuticle. Some of the nails were not flush with my finger, so any time I ran my hands through my hair, strands of hair would go under the nail and get stuck. It was extremely unpleasant. I basically had to keep my hands away from my hair the entire time I wore the nails.

After wearing the nails for a day, I started to forget they were fake (except for when they got stuck in my hair). I found myself spending a lot of time playing with the nails, which is also something I do with my real nails when they get too long. I filed them a little bit because they have this annoying little tab thing at the end of the nail which makes it obvious they are not real nails. I also filed the ones that were put on crooked to make them look a little more straight. They were really easy to file down and did not make a mess.

I only wore them for about two days because the fact that they kept getting stuck in my hair was enough to drive me crazy. Because of the short wear time, they were really difficult to take off. It was a little painful trying to peel them off because they were so well adhered to my natural nail. I dipped my fingers into nail polish remover two or three times before I was able to tear them off. The nails underneath were not damaged but felt like I was ripping them off at the same time as the fake ones which was not a pleasant sensation.

In conclusion, while they are nice to look at and way faster to apply compared to nail polish, I personally would not use this product. The hair issue and the pain of trying to peel them off makes me not enjoy using this product. However, I may try them again to see if I can correct the hair issue in the future.