Life · September 17, 2014 7

I’m Getting Old

I’ve been noticing the effects of getting older lately. I’m not as patient as I used to be, especially at work. I have become more of a complainer, about everything, and I hate it. I’ve also noticed changes physically too. I used to love walking to work. But now, it makes my legs tired. I would much rather drive. Maybe it’s because I’ve been spoiled over the last year or two by getting drives all the time from my boyfriend. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I don’t exercise any more like I know I should be. My legs don’t like walking to work and then standing for the next 8-9 hours.

But I also feel like it could just be a mood I’ve been in, for like the last three years lol. Ever since I moved to Alberta, I haven’t really found people that I would really call my friends. I have a hard time making friends, either because I’m too busy, or because I’m too picky. Maybe I’m just not trying hard enough. I only really have one true friend and I haven’t even seen her in over a year because she lives so far away.

I miss my Halifax life. I miss the people I used to hang out with (even if they act like I no longer exist). Basically I miss my past. I know you’re not supposed to live in the past, but right now I feel like I’m wasting away my life. I really hope my future gets more exciting than my current life is.