Life · March 6, 2015 0

I am an Addict

Hi. My name is Deanna and I’m addicted to ice cream. Seriously guys, I’m pretty sure we go to Dairy Queen for ice cream AT LEAST once a week. Sometimes twice. This isn’t a new thing. When I was young, my brother and I would always ask our parents to take us to get an ice cream. Usually we would get it from McDonalds because it cost less. But on rare occasions they would treat us with Dairy Queen.

Even at home, I eat ice cream more than I probably should. I remember coming home from school and getting a bowl of ice cream from the freezer all the time when I was younger. When I lived with my last boyfriend he was shocked at the size of my bowl of ice cream so I cut down my portion size for the three years we lived together. My current boyfriend is not very good with portion sizes so mine has also increased again. It has to be fair, right?!

My favorite ice cream is called Moon Mist but it’s very hard to find. It seems to be more of a Nova Scotia thing. I asked one lady working an ice cream stand if she had it and she said it doesn’t sell very well in Alberta. I did find one store in Alberta called Scoops that sells it (it might go by a different name. I can’t remember). Generally I’m a vanilla ice cream girl. My current boyfriend got me to start eating blizzards whereas before I would just get a cone or sundae. Maybe I should go back to cones because blizzards are expensive!

If you don’t know what a blizzard is, it’s ice cream with bits of stuff thrown in. I used to love the rolo blizzards but now they turned them into peanut butter rolos and I don’t like peanut butter. The blizzard I currently eat is the cookie dough one which is ok.