Christmas Tree

Watching vloggers on Youtube makes me want to vlog as well. However, I’m pretty shy and would probably never have the courage to actually do it. Growing up, my dad would make home videos. Basically just filming what’s happening around him. I have videos of my mom taking care of and playing with my brother […]

Productive Day

Today I was pretty productive both online and offline. On this website I added a new plugin and changed some other settings to hopefully stop the spam comments I’ve been getting over the last year or so, while keeping it easy for real people to comment. There is now a time limit before you can […]

House Hunting

My boyfriend has decided that he wants to stop paying rent, and instead start paying a morgage. We’ve gone out a couple times to look at houses so far and have only found one that we’ve both really liked. Unfortunately someone else out bid us on it so we are back to the drawing board. […]


The weather network was calling for 20 degrees today so I got dressed in my shorts and waited for the sun to come out. I had hoped to sit in the sun for a while today and finally get some things planted in my garden. But the sun never really came out. It was overcast […]