Life · May 15, 2015 2

Beginning a New Decade

Yesterday was my 30th birthday. I had to work but made sure to tell everyone that it was my birthday, strangers or not haha.

After work my boyfriend and I went out to Boston Pizza for supper. I really wanted a steak and was also craving garlic. I found a steak that came with a piece of garlic toast, so it was perfect! I asked if they had any birthday deals and I got to have a piece of cheesecake for free!

When we came home we got to meet one of our new neighbors. They are a married couple with a baby on the way. They seem very nice but had an unfortunate tale of their short time living here. While their vehicle was parked in the underground parking, someone slashed their tires multiple times!

This is worrisome for many reasons. One being that I am thinking about buying my own car very soon and my parking space is right next to theirs. It would be extremely disheartening to get a brand new car, only to have it damaged right away.