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Another Uneventful Year

This year has been another boring one. We had hoped to buy a house this year but then my boyfriend got laid off from his job in December. It’s been a rough year for him in particular. In the last 8 months he’s only had three job interviews. That can be pretty depressing as I’m sure you can imagine. He’s been spending most his time playing video games at home. Thankfully, he is starting a new job on Wednesday so we can start saving money again for a down payment on a house. If the universe is nice to us, we will be buying a house in the next two years.

We haven’t really gone out and done much this year. Partly due to depression and being unmotivated, and partly due to not wanting to spend money. I haven’t even gone camping this summer! I think that’s only the second year in my life where I didn’t go camping at all, and that makes me sad.

We did get to take a trip in June/July to visit my brother in his new house. He moved to Quebec in November and my parents met us there too. My parents drove out from Nova Scotia and met us at the airport in Montreal. We all then spent a night in Ottawa with my mom’s friend before driving the rest of the way to my brother’s house. It was nice to spend time with family but it was a lot of time driving and sitting on planes. It was also over 30 degrees Celsius the entire trip so we spend most of our time sitting in the shade.

Next year we have a plan to make things more exciting and interesting. We have been working on a new project together since May and we are almost ready to share it with you. I have been writing blog posts since then but haven’t been able to share them with you. I am finally going to be able to share our news with you next week so keep an eye out for that!