Life · September 3, 2014 3

And then it was Fall…

It seems as soon as it became September, it also became Autumn. I spent the last weekend of “Summer” camping (read about it here) and it was just starting to get a little cool.

I’m torn about the season change. On one hand, I am sad to see Summer gone already. It feels like it was too short, although in reality it was actually pretty long. I had a week with my family visiting from Nova Scotia, I went to British Columbia for a week to visit my boyfriend’s family, and I got to spend time at multiple events around Edmonton. Why does time move so much faster when you’re older?!

On the other hand, I love seeing all the fall decorations in the stores. I can’t wait to make a yummy meal for Thanksgiving (if you have any recipe suggestions, I would love to see them!). I’m looking forward to handing out candy on Halloween. I can’t wait to start decorating for Christmas. I’m looking forward to the first snowfall and shovelling the path from my door to the street (I never had a walkway since moving out of my parent’s house)!

I tend to focus on all the fun parts of the winter. But then the memories of cold weather creep into my mind. I’m going to have to start walking to work in -30C degree weather. I won’t really have the convenience of taking the bus this year. If I want to take the bus this year I will have to leave my house about 30-60 mins earlier than I would if I was to walk. Or I could walk to the mall to catch the bus which would take about the same amount of time as it would to just walk to work so there really isn’t any advantage. The only difference might be less ice, which is a good thing. They don’t clear the path leading to my work (at least they didn’t last year) so it gets really slippery sometimes.

I’ve been playing around with the idea of re-learning to drive and maybe buying myself a used car. I don’t know if that will be achieved before the snow starts falling but it could be an option.