Product Review · May 1, 2013 1

Always Infinity

Hey girls! I was given the opportunity by BzzAgent and Always to try out the Always Infinity pads for free recently. Always has been my brand from the very beginning. Normally I would use the Always Ultra Thin with wings, but lately I’ve been accidentally buying the wrong type. I don’t know why I find it so hard to find the pads I’m used to. But anyway, my point is, in December I accidentally bought the regular Always Infinity pads. You can tell right away that there is something different about them. According to the Always website the Infinity pad is made “…with a super absorbent material called Infinicel™ that can absorb ten times its weight…” These pads are better at conforming to your body as well so you don’t notice it as much as some of the other pads out there. The free pads I was given by BzzAgent were the heavy kind which I don’t normally use because I don’t really need a heavy pad. The only difference I noticed between the regular and the heavy format is the length of the pad itself. The thickness is the same on each pad and they really do absorb a lot of liquid just like they claim. I personally find the Ultra Thin pads just as good as the Infinity so for me it would really just come down to which one costs less. But let me know what your opinion of the Always is and if you have tried the Infinity pad, what did you think about it?