Life / Vacation · July 5, 2015 5

Airport Tears

Yesterday we came home from spending a week and a half with my family in Nova Scotia. At the airport I did something very embarrassing. I started crying because the security guy told me I couldn’t take my nail clippers on the plane.

I hate crying in public. And felt like nail clippers were the stupidest thing to cry over. I’m sure there was a lot more to the tears. But on the surface it looked like I was crying over an easily replaceable item.

I had no problem getting the clippers through security when I left Edmonton. I think the first reason I was crying was because I don’t like being told that I’ve done something wrong.

The second reason was because those particular clippers are really good. I’ve had them for a long time and they were given to me from my grandparents. They got them during a trip to Portugal.

The third reason I was crying could have something to do with the fact that I was so tired from having to get up at 5:30am for the plane.

But the fourth reason is probably the biggest reason for the tears. I had just spent over a week with my family. I hadn’t seen my nephews in two years beforehand and now I had to go home to a place I don’t really want to be.

I had three options in regards to the nail clippers. I could go back out through security and mail them to myself. I could go back out through security and try to have them find my checked bag to put them in. Or I could surrender them.

I chose to surrender them because I didn’t want to go back out through security for something so silly. I started tearing up as soon as I told the guy my decision.

My boyfriend saw that I was upset. As we walked towards the escalator I burst out in tears. He offered to go mail them for me but I said no. It was such a small silly thing to be upset over. But he did not take no for an answer and went back out to mail them.

For the next half hour I stood there waiting for him to come back. The whole time I was crying or trying to make the tears stop.

He finally got back to me and we went upstairs to get breakfast at Tim Hortons. Then I started crying again. It was basically unstoppable. I said “I’m sorry for crying over something so silly.” He told me I was probably sad because I was leaving my family and I burst out on tears all over again.

Thankfully our plane had been delayed that morning or we would have missed it while he was out mailing my prized possesion. Even though the plane was delayed two hours, we didn’t have to wait long to get on our way because of our ordeal. I calmed down after eating some breakfast and made it the rest of the day without any more crying.