Gaming · March 1, 2017 8

A Sims 4 Story: The Courtship

I have started playing the Sims 4 Challenge which you can read about here.

My founding Sim’s name is Ashlee Melton. She is a young adult with a Love Aspiration looking to find her Soulmate. Her traits are Clumsy, Goofball, and Noncommittal. Because of her aspiration, she is also Alluring.

Ashlee moved into one of the smallest lots in Newcrest which she bought for $1500 named Oak Alcove. After building her modest home she was left with $1883.

Ashlee was given a job as an Entertainer and started learning to play the violin. She also started planting wild plants found in her backyard.

After living in her house for a very short time, she burned some food on the stove and caught herself on fire. She didn’t have time to fully clean up and ended up going to work singed.

At work she spent most of her time getting to know her co-workers. She spent more time with one co-worker in particular, named Johnny Zest. He was her first friend and her first kiss.

On their first date, Ashlee asked him to become her boyfriend but was turned down. Feeling disappointed, she tried flirting with another co-worker later that week which turned into an embarrassing situation.

On Ashlee’s second date with Johnny they had a great time and become best friends.

The next day Johnny asked Ashlee out for the first time on another date. She decided to ask again for him to be her boyfriend and he finally said yes! She was so caught up in love that she asked him to marry her and again he said yes! They did not want to wait to get married and eloped right there in the bar.

Johnny moved in with Ashlee which now brings their household funds total to $32,110.