Life · December 28, 2017 1

2017 In Review: Part One

If I was to sum up 2017 in one word, that would be “lazy”. Honestly I feel like I sat on my butt watching YouTube videos and playing video games the entire year.

I also stopped going out to all the local events, which used to be something I loved to do. I found it difficult to drag my boyfriend out either because he didn’t want to go, or I wasn’t interested in leaving the house. It’s sad because one of the things I really loved about my new partner was that he didn’t complain when I said I wanted to go to an event. But I guess the novelty has worn off.

Over the Spring and Summer I was able to get him to go for a walk every evening around the block which I loved. It gave us a guaranteed 30 minutes together to connect and talk about our days. But once the Winter came, the walks stopped. Mainly because it was cold out (which he used as an excuse), but also because the walkways became skating rinks. I really hope we can get back into the walking habit soon.

In the next couple blog posts I will take a look at what I actually did each month by going through my Social Media platforms and saved pictures. I’m sure I actually got out and did stuff more often than I really think. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post to find out…