WordPress Plugins

  • cbnet Different Posts Per Page: I use this to choose how many posts to display on each type of page.
  • Custom Smilies: This plugin allows me to change the smilies that are used in the comment form.
  • Official StatCounter Plugin: Shows me who and how many people are visiting my website, which pages are most popular, where my visitors are coming from, etc.
  • Open in New Window Plugin: This makes external links open in a new tab.
  • Really Simple Twitter Feed Widget: I use this to put my twitter posts on the sidebar of my website.
  • Simply Instagram: Displays my Instagram photos on the sidebar of my website.
  • Text Link Ads Advertiser Plugin: Displays advertisements on my website for money.
  • WordPress Thread Comment: Allows me to thread my comment posts.
  • WP-SpamFree: Cuts down on the spam posts I receive.